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Mexican Crabs – A story by Jim Quinn, Founder of the Lifestream Basic Seminar

Down off the coast of Mexico, in small fishing villages that dot the shoreline, tourists will see the catch of the day being hauled in for market. In the market place you will see all sorts of vendors selling fish, lobsters, shellfish, and of course mexican crabs. The vendor of mexican crabs are known as "Crab-masters" and they keep their catch of crabs in large, shallow pans for the tourist to see and buy. Of course the tourists are curious and they ask the "Crab-master", "why the crabs with their long legs and claws just don't reach up and pull themselves out of the pan, flop into the gutter and make their way back to the sea rather than end up as an 'Avacado Crab Cocktail' later in the evening?"

And the "Crab-Master" will reply, "Well Senor', the Mexican crab has a characteristic that is indigenous to only the Mexican crab and that is, every time a crab reaches up to pull himself out to freedom, it is the habit of the other crabs to reach up and pull him back into the pan."

I say to you that in life we may run into some "Mexican crabs" disguised as "people" who may try to pull you down in life. But, I believe the Lifestream experience gives us a choice, we can either let those Mexican crabs pull us down into the "grungies" or we can hold onto them and pull them out of the pan to more life, more freedom, more happiness, to the best of life and I'm for that, how about you?