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The Little Boy who put the world back together: A story by Jim Quinn, Founder of the Lifestream Basic Seminar

Every day at 5:00 pm, Dad would come home after a heavy day at the office. His little boy, who was 4 years old, would come running down the stairs shouting, "Daddy's home, Daddy's home" and he would jump into his father's arms begging him to play with him for a while. But, his father, who had worked hard all day, was too tired to play right this moment and would tell his son, "Not now, maybe after dinner". His son would reply, "Ok Daddy, after supper, then we'll play."

After dinner, Dad would head for the living-room, especially after those heavy meals and "crash-out" on the sofa in front of the TV. The little boy would come rushing into the living-room, full of smiles and glee, all ready to play with his Daddy, only to be disappointed to see his Dad asleep on the couch.

This went on for sometime and quite frankly, the little boy was getting a little bit tired of this situation, so he decided, this Saturday, he would get his Daddy to play with him, no matter what! (He was 100% committed because he was "natural" four year old boy.)

Saturday came, and the little boy knew that today was the day and he could hardly wait to get playing with Dad. What the little boy didn't know that today, this Saturday was the day of the "Big Game" and every father in the country was getting ready to watch the "Big Game" on TV.

Dad was in the living room getting all set up. The TV was positioned just right, his bowl of potato chips was within arms reach, his remote strategically placed on his right for quick control. He was just settling in on the couch when his little boy came running into the living-room, jumped into his Daddy's lap, snatching the remote from him and turning the TV and the "Big Game" off, laughing and giggling and tickling his father, saying, "come on Daddy let's play...we're going play today no matter what!" But his Dad didn't want to play, he wanted to watch the "Big Game" and this was really getting him upset. (His Dad hadn't taken the Lifestream seminar yet, so he was a little un-centered about it).

His Daddy did however love him and he didn't want to scold him for interrupting his "Big Game", so he needed a diversion. And then it hit him, oh it was a clever plan, a most ingenious scheme that would keep his son busy so he'd have plenty of time to watch the "Big Game" all afternoon.

On the coffee table, Dad saw a magazine with a picture of planet earth on the front cover. He said to his son, Do you see this picture of world, tearing the cover off the magazine? The little boy replied "yes", thinking he finally had won, his Dad was going to now play with him! Taking the little boy to the kitchen table and ripping the picture of the world into little pieces, mixing them up on the table and giving his son some "scotch tape" he said, "When you put the picture back together then we'll play OK?" He son said, "OK Daddy" and started to work on the puzzle. Dad went back to the living-room, sat on the couch getting comfortable and turning the "Big Game" back on, thinking to himself, it will take him all afternoon for him to figure that puzzle out.

Dad had no sooner started watching the game when his son came running into the living-room, shouting with glee, "I did it, I did it, look Daddy I did it, I taped the picture back together!" His Dad couldn't believe his eyes saying, "How, how did you do it so fast?" This little boy looked up at his daddy and said, "When you tore the cover off the magazine, I noticed a picture of a little boy on the back of it. I just knew if I pasted that little boy back together, the world would come together too."

And, I say to you, that Lifestream gives us an opportunity to put the pieces of our life back in place. To find our balance, to be centered, to trust, love, forgive, be responsible, take accountability and play win/win so that our world comes together too. And I'm for that, how about you?