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Confessions of A Cult Leader: Sunday of the Lifestream Basic


Review of the past 3 days of the Lifestream Basic Seminar

Let's review what we have done and the ground we have covered since Thursday night.


Thursday night we explored the question, Why are here? We started out by telling a little about who we are and what we do. We explored the story about The Wizard of Oz, and how the Strawman, the Tinman and the Lion and what they were looking for, and found out that they had it all along. I said that I didn't really have anything to teach you that everything you had to know you already have inside and that the idea was really to become more aware of who we really are.

We then had a look at some of the ways we could avoid life and ways to create maximum results. We had a look at the concept of TRUST. Do you trust? Who do you trust and who don't you trust. What happens when the trust between two people is destroyed? We figured out the only real trust is unconditional trust. And we developed the TRUST FORMULA as a way of identifying our trust.


We came back on Friday night and had an opportunity to share where we were at and what we were experiencing. We looked at the concept of NATURAL / NORMAL and what a four year old child was like. Then we looked at what happens when we become adults and the way we can lose our spontaneity, how we can lose our enthusiasm, how we can lose our ability to trust.

We then learned a centering process that is designed to take us back to the very center of our being when we can rediscover our true nature and what we really want to do in life. We looked at the peace square and how we can achieve peace by getting our four natures, the PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL, into balance. We looked at LOVE and the different types of LOVE EROS, PHILIOS and AGAPE LOVE and how we can manifest them in our life. Then we got into some hugging and we had a HUG CHALLENGE to see how many people we could hug.

From there we went on and had a look at FEARS and BARRIERS in our life and how they hold us back from getting what we want out of life. Then we had a one-on-onone, open eye centering with a partner. We had an opportunity to really open up to another human being who could and did receive us without judgment. We discovered what it was like to be truly accepted just for who we are and some of us got closer to our partner in that hour than we have been to anyone for a very long time.

We then finished up Friday night with a lecture on the programming we had gotten in our lives and particularly from childhood. Many of us looked at our programming around sex, marriage, religion, men, women. We then did a centering that was designed to help us first to look at and then to break away from some of our unproductive and limiting programs we had picked up in life.


On Saturday morning we arrived her to find out that the hamsters had written a book, and the book was called "IF I ALWAYS DO WHAT I'VE ALWAYS DONE, I'LL ALWAYS GET WHAT I ALWAYS GOT". From there we looked at the Road Of Life and the three houses we can live in. The PROBLEM HOUSE, the CAUSE HOUSE, and the SOLUTION HOUSE, and how we can sometimes get caught up in going back and forth from problem to cause and back to problem without moving on to solution.

Then we moved on to HEAVY OIL and LIGHT OIL and how we can get caught up in getting most of our approval and self esteem from others rather than from within ourselves. We studied the 5 Steps To Continuous Improvement CONFUSION, EXPLORATION, INCUBATION, ILLUMINATION and CELEBRATION. And then we did another centering where we had an opportunity to cross our valley of obstacles and climb our mountain to the top to feel and experience what it would be like to achieve our goals and create the type of life we really want.

We then had a look at the mind and the two parts to our minds the OBJECTIVE PART and the SUBJECTIVE PART. The SUN and the MOON and how we can develop our intuition to really understand what our purpose is.


After lunch we came back and created a WORKSHOP in our mind where we can go to create the people, places and things we want to manifest in our lives. We wrote out on a card the description of what our workshop was for us and some of you shared that with the class.

We had a look at the GRUNGIES and whether we were being a VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE or whether we wanted to be ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE RESULTS IN OUR LIVES. We then had a volunteer come up to the front to demonstrate INTENTIONS and RESULTS and HOW THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SAME.

We had a story about GEORGE and how we can all slip into REACTING to change and how destructive that can be for ourselves and others in our lives. We looked at how we could be PROACTIVE and take control of our lives. And we followed this with a FORGIVENESS EXERCISE. I can't count the number of people who have experienced the miracle of having a resentment that they have been carrying for 20, 30, 40 or more years melt away to nothing during this exercise.

We then broke for dinner and you went with your groups and got some feedback from each other. Was anyone surprised at how much the others in your group could see through you?


After dinner we came back and worked through the concept of RESPONSIBILITY and
began to get some clarity around WHO WE ARE RESPONSIBLE TO and WHO WE

We then started to play an innocent little game THE RED AND BLACK GAME. Only it turned out to really be a game about how we conduct our lives how we really treat our fellow human beings in reality our brothers and sisters because the reality is that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


And now here we are on Sunday morning and I know you all have a lot that you
want to share, so who's going to first?

The Red/Black Game

A game is a game 'til you play it to win
Then someone gets hurt in the end
Positives and negatives are all that they were
But they showed me my ways I must mend

To be more considerate of others
To open my heart to a friend
To treat even strangers like brothers
To think before acting again

It's odd what a game can show you
About how you've been living your life
It's great what a game can teach you
About inner turmoil and strife

In your travels along life's highway
Take time to reward yourself
For the positives strokes you have in you
Are wasted if left on the shelf

So when you go searching for answers
Concerning what you need to do
Remember those Black votes you neglected
They'll make a big impact on you.

Pat McLaughlin
Written right after he played the Red/Black Game.

The Girl I Used to Know

I wear a mask behind which I hide;
The fears and insecurities that I bury deep inside;

I seldom let my guard down, or let the others see;
The pain and anguish that I feel, showing them the "real me".

The one who hurts, who is afraid of the judging eyes;
If only they would stop and look, take time to realize;

That underneath this mask there is another me;
She's the person that I long for, the one I used to be.

The one who cares, who loves, who is more self-assured;
Who wants to laugh, to live, who's begging to be heard;

Please know I need your help and setting these emotions free;
With your love and understanding I know this can come to be;

Perhaps then I'll remove the mask, enabling myself to grow;
To become the person I once was, that girl I used to know.

Written by Jeri Holmes right after she completed the LifeStream Basic Seminar.

(Comment: For the entire Sunday morning, participants would share their insights about the past three days and what was going to be different about their lives from this day forward. Jim would often have selected "readings" for specific participants that he thought were pertinent to them. They included such readings as, "Courage"; "Please hear what I am NOT saying (Masks)"; "Love is NOT enough"; and "The Penalty of Leadership". I have included these readings as separate articles.)


Participants were encouraged to take their insights and directions and turn them into "SMART" goals.


"My life works in direct proportion to the commitments I make and keep."

  1. WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. Make it S.M.A.R.T. It's got to be Specific and Measurable. Create an outcome or result rather than an activity. Make it Attainable. What's in it for you? What are the benefits to you? Do you believe this goal is possible? Does it excite you? How important is it? Make it Realistic. Visualizing your goal is a must. Use the rainbow centering process every evening. Visualize each goal as if it is already achieved. Create feelings with this victory. Center sitting up, about 1/2 hour before getting ready for bed. Avoid centering in bed so that you don't fall asleep. Give your visualization lots of details. Exaggerate your visualization, add movement, exaggerated feelings, taste it, feel it, see it. Put a Time on it. When will you accomplish it? By what date? Ask yourself is it a S.M.A.R.T. Goal?
  2. Once you have identified you goal and clearly made it a "SMART" goal you now need to list your result-getting actions. What do you need to do for this goal to be accomplished.
  3. Next, you need to prioritize your result-getting actions, assign them A (most important) B (secondary importance) and C (delegate) priorities. Remember to assign time deadlines for completion.
  4. Finally, recognize any feelings, issues or circumstances that might stand in the way of your goals. Take personal development, training and education programs to over-come these fears and barriers.


Guests and past Lifestream Graduates would join the class participants in the seminar room for a celebration. The energy in the room was often highly charged with excitement, hugs and class participants sharing a few words about their experience over the weekend. The facilitator, Jim Quinn would close the class with a final story, a parable on procrastination, called, Guiseppe.