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Confessions of A Cult Leader: Saturday Morning of the Lifestream Basic Seminar


Class starts at 9:00 am Saturday morning.

"The hamsters have written a book: "If I always do what I've always done, I'll always get what I've always got."

Ask yourself, Are you on a hamster wheel? Where are you at? What are you experiencing. Take a moment and reflect on this.

Concept: Road of Life Analogy

"When we get out on the road of life do we sometimes run into some problems? Ever wind up spending time in the problem? There are 3 stops on the road of life. Have you ever spent some time in the "Problem" house? You know, we sometimes get stuck in the problem house. In fact, some people get so stuck in the problem house that they will build an R&D annex, that is, a research and development wing for problems in life? Ever find yourself getting stuck in that program? Know anybody stuck in that rut? They're always looking for the problems in life?
road of life
Ask yourself, What problems in my life am I stuck on?

Now the second house along the road of life is the "Cause" House. What do we do here? We look for the causes of all our problems. But can we get stuck in the cause house? Some people get so stuck in the "cause house" they think they can get out by becoming archeologists. They start digging deeper and deeper, building a basement looking for the causes of their problems, saying to themselves, "I just know there's got to be more shit down there!" And they dig so hard that they start tunnelling right over to the "problem" house! And before they know it, they're trapped going back and forth between the cause and problem house "anal-izing" their situation in life..."my relationships don't work because I never got love as a parents didn't love me enough so I now have low self-esteem...because I have low self-esteem I can't get a good job", and on and on it goes.

Now we come to the third house, the "Solution" House. And what do we do here? We look for solutions to our problems and circumstances in life. We sometimes refer to this house as the "Personal Development" house. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." If you want something different, you've got to do something different. And that's what we're going to explore further today.

Exercise: Describe (in detail) in your journal, In what house have you've been living your life?

Concept: Heavy Oil/LIght Oil


Imagine these two cans are full of oil. Now there are two types of oil in here: heavy oil and light oil. The heavy oil represents our self esteem, our approval of ourselves. The light oil represents approval from others. Now when we don't feel good about ourselves, when we are experiencing low self esteem, we need more approval from others to feel good about ourselves. What happens when we are experiencing negative feelings, issues and circumstances, our heavy oil can drain out of the bottom, we lose self esteem. When we lose self esteem we need approval from others in order to feel good about ourselves.

When we overcome our negative feelings, issues and the circumstances of life, we raise the level of our heavy oil. When we raise the level of our heavy oil we don't need the approval of others to feel good about ourselves. This allows us to give approval to others. To be more accepting, to be more loving, to be more supportive. Continuous self-improvement will stop the leaking!

Concept: 5 Steps to Continuous Improvement

Here are 5 steps to personal growth or continuous improvement.

Step one is CONFUSION. Now some might say, "Oh boy, I've been on step one most of my life. Can we get stuck in our confusion? So, when we're confused what do we do? We have an opportunity to explore it. "Hot dog, I've got an opportunity!" But can we get stuck on step two, EXPLORATION?"I'm not very happy because I don't seem to know what I want...I don't know what I want because nothing I do seems to make me happy...and on and on it goes." Can we sometimes get stuck in confusion and exploration? Going round and round, like the hamster on his wheel from confusion to exploration back to more confusion and on to more exploration only to experience more confusion. Know anybody stuck in confusion and exploration?

Step three is INCUBATION. This requires quieting the mind's "yap-yap" voice. You know, that little voice in your head that is constantly telling you what's what? The mind is a powerful computer, give it a problem to solve and it will go to work on it. When we quiet or still the mind, we allow the power of our inner mind to take effect, to incubate on our problems - on our confusion. There is a tool that help us incubate on our confusion and breakthrough our fears and know what that it is? That's right, it's centering.

Now centering takes us deeper into our subconscious mind where we can breakthrough to where the ideas, alternatives, options, and possibilities lie! Is there power in that? And what happens after a certain amount of incubation takes place? Ever get an "AH HA!" out of the blue?

The next step in personal growth is ILLUMINATION That's when we get those AH HA's!

And finally, there's the fifth step, CELEBRATION. Is it important to celebrate your victories in life? Is it important to stop and take note of your insights, breakthroughs and new found awareness?

But do we stop here? No, we go right back to step one, confusion. Each cycle, takes us higher in our continuous improvement. I know a saying, "When you're green you grow, when you're ripe you rot, and when you're blue you're through!" I don't ever want to grow ripe and rot, I want to remain green and growing and be part of the people who are moving and growing and making things happen. I'm for that how about you?

Mountaintop Centering

Download Mountaintop Centering mp3

For the best results, one should record this script in their own voice and then play it back to themselves while sitting in an open-body position. Remember to read slowly. Approximate ideal centering time is anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes.

I now prepare to center myself and become more aware of my inner being.

I close my eyes for peace and quiet.

I straighten my spine to stimulate energy.

I open my hands to receive and I just let go and relax.

Relax, relax, relax.

My breathing is slow and peaceful.

I can feel my body becoming more and more relaxed with each breath that I take.

As I take a deep breath now and slowly exhale I visualize something red from nature.


As I see the color red clearly in my mind's eye I relax my body from head to foot.

I feel a wave of relaxation moving downward through my body.
And I bring my body into a complete state of relaxation.


I let go of my body and I just relax.

Next as I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something orange from nature.


As I see the color orange clearly in my mind's eye I release and let go of my emotions.

I neither dramatize nor deny my feelings.

I desire only that which is good for myself and others.

As I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something yellow from nature.


As I see the color yellow clearly in my mind's eye I calm and still my mind.
I bring my mind to rest.

I find that when I calm and still my mind that answers come to me naturally from within.

As I relax and go deeper still.

Next as I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something green from nature.


As I see the color green clearly in my mind's eye I sense a state of peacefulness within.


I sense that indwelling presence of peace.

This peace is always there and I can experience it whenever I relax my body-release my emotions-and calm my mind.


As I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something blue from nature.

As I see the color blue clearly in my mind's eye I feel myself full of love.
I feel love moving to me and through me to others as if I am a living conduit for love.

I always remember that love in my heart wasn't put there to stay-love isn't love until I give it away.

Next as I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something purple from nature.


As I see the color purple clearly in my mind's eye I aspire to that inner secret place.

I seek out the depths within.

I desire to find and fulfill my life's purpose and I know that I will make a positive difference with my life.

As I take another deep breath and slowly exhale I visualize something violet from nature.


As I see the color violet clearly in my mind's eye I enter the innermost part of my being.

I am now there. I am centered.

In order to go deeper within I will count backwards from 21 to 1 going deeper and deeper with each number.

21 - 20 - 19 deeper and deeper.

18 - 17 - 16 deeper still.

15 - 14 - 13 deeper and more inward.

12 - 11 - 10 deeper and deeper.

9 - 8 - 7 deeper still.

6 - 5 - 4 even deeper and more inward.

3 - 2 - 1 I am more centered than before.

I am now at one with myself.

A state that encompasses all of time.

I just become aware of the totality of the now.

Only conscious of the present I feel and sense this one moment in time.

I am at one with my inner self.

I am calm.

I am still.

I am at peace.

I am centered.

For the next few minutes I will remain centered and I will experience whatever I am led to experience.

road of life

Now in the distance I see a mountain the mountain of my dreams. But to get to my mountain I must go through the valley of obstacles. Ready . . . Begin . . .In the valley are all of the obstacles that keep me from getting to my mountaintop . . . Just keep on going through the valley . . . Break through the obstacles as you come to them . . . one obstacle will remind you of the next.

My fears and barriers my look like wild animals, trying to stop me from passing through. My barrier may be a raging river that I have to some how get across. It may be dense forest blocking my way and I have to hack my way through. However my obstacles represent themselves to me I now meet them and break through them.

Keep going across your valley. You should now be half way across. Keep meeting your fears and breaking through whatever it is you need to break through.

Now I come to the base of my mountain and start to climb up.

I may meet more obstacles on my way up but I just keep going.

Now experience your mountaintop. What kind of person do I want to be? Look back down the mountain. Do you want to live in the valley of obstacles? What do you really want to be? What do you really want to do? Who needs to be on your mountain with you? What are you experiencing? What kind of life do I want? What kind of thoughts do I want?

What kind of emotional life do I want?

Who is at your mountaintop with you? How important are they to be part of your dreams? Your mother, your father, your lover, husband, wife, your children? Throw them a rope and pull them up. Who needs to be there with you?

How important are my dreams? How important is my vision? How important is my life? What's really going on?

What am I experiencing?

I relax and let go-I just relax.

My experience reminds me of how much I want to live and celebrate life.

I now prepare to return to the everyday world.

I come back slowly from the center of my being from the inner to the outer.

I remember that after centering myself spiritually I become more enlightened.

In fact my inner light shines so brightly that it affects all of those in my world in a positive manner.

This in turn affects me mentally and I become more enriched-my thoughts are more pure and creative.

Which in turn affects me emotionally and I become more enthusiastic-with more love for others.

Which affects my physically and I become more energized-with the fullness of life.

For after centering myself I know that with my inner spiritual power-all things are possible in my life.

And that whatever the spirit within leads me to do I will do better that ever before.

In fact each day in ever way I am getting better and better and better.

Now in a few moments I need to open my eyes so I prepare to visualize the colors of the rainbow in reverse sequence.

Starting with that innermost color violet-moving upward and out to purple-then further up to blue-then to green-next yellow-orange-red.

I open my eyes and I am wide awake.

Revitalized refreshed and in tune with life.

I am enlightened. I am enriched. I am enthused. I am energized. I just am. I just am.

Concept: Outer/Inner Mind

road of life

The mind has two parts: the outer and the inner. The outer mind is the part of the mind that we begin to develop through schooling, through what our parents teach us. This is the part of the mind where we pay tuition. This is the part of the mind where we "think we know" what we know. And here in the outer mind, brain waves travel at 14 to 21 cycles per second - we call this the beta mind. The outer the mind or objective mind is logical, analytical, and reasoning. The outer mind is where we live in the physical realm, the realm of our 5 senses. When we're angry, in the "grungies", stressed out, experiencing hyper-tension, our brain waves are travelling fast - that's our beta mind.

The inner mind or subjective mind, is where our intuition dwells, where we "know we know" what we know. "A preacher sees a man on one side of the pew and a woman on the other side and in-between are 5 children. The preacher asks the man, "Are these your children?" The man replies, "I think they're mine." The preacher then asks the woman, "Are these your children?" And the woman replies, "I know they're mine!" Is there a difference? And, when we listen to our intution, are we usually right?" The inner mind lives in the spiritual realm, this is where our genius lives. This is the part of the mind where creativity and inspiration comes from. When we're relaxed and at "one" with the world around us, our brainwaves travel at 7 to 14 cycles per second. We call this the alpha mind.

Today it costs, on average, something like $180,000.00 to develop this part of our mind. But, how much have you spent developing this part of your mind? Someone from the class would always call out $395, which was the tuition of the Basic seminar. That's why we're learning to center. Centering is what we do to slow the mind down, to take us from beta (14 to 21 cycles per second) down to alpha (7 to 14 cycles per second). In the alpha mind, subconscious activity is taking place, visualization or day-dreaming is heightened and more vivid. Brilliant discoveries have been reported in this state by scientists and inventors who appeared to be "dozing". Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein are two individuals who were reported to take short naps during the working day.

When we come back from our lunch-break, we're going to learn to visualize our dreams, our goals. We're going to do this by getting into a centered state and building a workshop of the mind."

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