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Cameron Freeman

The girl I used to know – A Handout at the Lifestream Basic Seminar

I wear a mask behind which I hide;
The fears and insecurities that I bury deep inside;

I seldom let my guard down, or let the others see;
The pain and anguish that I feel, showing them the "real me".

The one who hurts, who is afraid of the judging eyes;
If only they would stop and look, take time to realize;

That underneath this mask there is another me;
She's the person that I long for, the one I used to be.

The one who cares, who loves, who is more self-assured;
Who wants to laugh, to live, who's begging to be heard;

Please know I need your help and setting these emotions free;
With your love and understanding I know this can come to be;

Perhaps then I'll remove the mask, enabling myself to grow;
To become the person I once was, that girl I used to know.

Written by Jeri Holmes right after she completed the LifeStream Basic Seminar.