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Does your website generate meaningful business?

Do you get meaningful business from your web collaterals? If not, take this 5 minute online Web Site Evaluation Test and find out how your web site measures up.

Take this 5 minute web site evaluation questionnaire and find out if your web site measures up.

It's also a good idea to have more than one person complete the questionnaire and compare results.

Click the "check box" for each "yes" answer. To see how your site "measures up" click the link "Tell me how my site measures up" at the bottom this questionnaire. If you are unsure about a question, skip to the next question.

Web Site Evaluation Questionnaire
Your Marketing Strategy
Does your web site generate any meaningful business?
Do you have clear, measurable, and achievable business objectives for your online project?
Is your web site consistently and strategically integrated throughout all your marketing collaterals?
Are you the online leader in your category or industry?
Have you surveyed your target market to determine their online needs and wants?
Site Functionality
Do you consistently measure and analyze your web site's traffic and performance?
Do you have online user profiles of your different user groups and their commonly performed online tasks with respect to your web site?
Has your online target audience tested your web site within the past year?
Can your customers find your web site using keyword searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN?
Is your web site's content, well-organized, relevant, up-to-date, and in a consistent style and form?
Is your navigation system clear, ordered and easy to use?
Design and Layout
Does your web site incorporate the fundamental usability principles for user-centered design?
Does your web site adhere to usability principles without sacrificing innovative creative design?
Does your web site tastefully use rich-media techniques to illustrate or emphasize particular content or site functions?
Do the aesthetics of your web site help to build your online brand?
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